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Brightwater Counselling

Psychotherapeutic Counselling Face to Face in High Wycombe and Online.

How I Work

My approach to therapy comes from a holistic perspective, I take into consideration a person
as a whole-being; thoughts, physical feelings and emotions, giving all three equal attention.
I focus on raising self-awareness which leads to greater self-knowledge
and a deeper understanding of ourselves as human beings.

Part of being human is to experience struggles in life.
Sometimes these struggles become overwhelming, this is where counselling
carried out within a safe, non-judgemental and empathic environment, can make a lasting,
profound and positive difference to a person’s life.

Quite often our thoughts and emotions are considered to be separate from our bodies,
when in reality they are inseparable. For example, if a powerful emotion is ignored or suppressed
for a length of time it can literally “make itself felt” in the body.

I endeavour to create a strong, supportive working relationship
within the therapeutic framework where a person can safely explore their inner-self and personal difficulties.

Contact Me -

email - brightwatercounselling@gmail.com

phone - 07435 010439

website- www.brightwatercounselling.com.

Testimonial -

"I felt immediately comforted by Poppi's energy and felt like I could trust her straight away
when talking about very difficult topics. Her holistic approach was completely new to me and,
whilst it helped me to process my main problems, I genuinely believe I will be using these skills
and ways of thinking for the rest of my life for (probably) all aspects of my life.

Poppi has changed my life and I feel incredibly lucky that our paths met
and only wish that others can find her as I did. Thank you for everything Poppi." RR.